Welcome to Winestab Corporate

The Winestab Corporate conceives, produces and mounts equipments in stainless steel, steel carbon, aluminium and other materials, for the Wine, Beer and Champagne industry and was created specifically to give continuity to VINIPAL trade mark.

VINIPAL, well known in the wine industry since 1969, has been the driving force of a dedicated system of stabilization of wines by cooling in continuous regime, without adding KHT (crystals), as well as, in the systems of stabilisation of champagne, sparkling wine in continuous production (Charmat Method Vinipal) and pasteurization.

Responding to the demands of the wine, champagne and beer industries, we have new equipment VINIPAL for stabilization, filtering, cooling and pasteurization and we also are able to provide kits for automate and renew equipment of previous generations.

VINIPAL stabilization equipments are already installed in more than 20 countries with an installed capacity of 22,000,000 liters per day.